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Aliens in our own country

Jobless migrant labourers going back to native states

This was the Headline of a reputed Newspaper just two days back and in many Social forums it was a hot topic of discussion. Some quoted as this will reduce crime in Goa, some said they are the reasons behind unemployment of native Goans and some had other views like saving Goa from Migrants (People from other states) and protecting the identity of Goa and Goans. Some also referred migrants with slang names like “Ghaati” and “Bhaiya” etc. Some also proposed for “controlled migration policy” like in the USA.


  • According to Indian Constitution (Fundamental Rights of India) “Every Indian has the Right to ‘Live’ and ‘Earn’ anywhere in India no matter which state or region he/she belongs” and Goa is a state like any other state in India.
  • Talking about “Controlled Migration Policy” – well this law applies to Foreigners (Non-Indians) and not Indians. US has this law applied on foreigners (Non-Americans) to limit visas and not on Americans. If this was the case then metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, etc., and many other will be half empty.
  • Every state or region has its own Identity and every Government takes enough steps to protect the identity of their respective states. Calling people with slang names as “Ghatis” and “Bhaiyas” is an outcome of a Racist mind and not of a wise person. The one who use these slang’s is a “Frog who has never seen the world outside its Well”.
  • Any person who commits a crime is a criminal and should be treated as a criminal, irrespective of the region or religion he/she belongs.
  • Calling our own people migrant’s a.k.a Aliens spreads hatred and negativity in the society and gives a false message, so avoid doing this.

There are three types of people in this world, one who Unites, one who divides and definitely the followers who are easily influenced by the other two. Now its up to us whom we choose to become.

Shall we trust our Judicial System?

Till the matter is settled, MP or MLA will not be entitled to vote nor draw a salary and allowances, but may continue to participate in the proceedings of Parliament or Legislature 

In a landmark judgment On July 10th 2013, the Supreme Court struck down a provision in the electoral law that protects a convicted lawmaker from disqualification on the ground of pendency of appeal in higher courts. Everyone was happy that this could cleanse Parliament and Assemblies of criminals. Some good politicians welcomed this rule wholeheartedly, and of course a lot didn’t and everyone knows why?

But the Union Cabinet on Tuesday 24th Sept 2013, negating a Supreme Court ruling, cleared an ordinance that will protect convicted MPs and MLAs from immediate disqualification, provided their appeal against the conviction and sentence is admitted by a higher court within 90 days, and both the conviction and the sentence are stayed. Till the matter is settled, the MP or the MLA, the ordinance says, will not be entitled to vote nor draw a salary and allowances, but may continue to participate in the proceedings of Parliament or State Legislatures, as the case may be.

Statisics of Crimnal Cases
Statisics of Crimnal Cases

The central argument propounded in favor of this bill was that in politics, false cases are often filed against rivals, and, therefore, mere arrest cannot be sufficient cause for making a legislator resign, or prevent him — or her — from contesting the elections.

Indeed, it was one of the two bills that were drafted in the wake of the Supreme Court judgment of July 10 that pronounced that sitting legislators either jailed on charges, or after conviction, would have to resign their seats forthwith.

The bill relating to those jailed on charges was cleared by Parliament; the one relating to those convicted has now been converted into an ordinance.

However, while the ordinance will help convicted MLAs and MPs retain their seats, it cannot help them to contest elections again: for that they would have to go to court once more to seek a stay again on the sentence and conviction. The law on that is clear: anyone convicted cannot contest an election, unless that person goes to a higher court and gets his sentence and conviction stayed.

The question arises is that “even if any false cases are filed” out of rivalry or conspiracy, do our lawmakers have “No Faith in our Police and judicial system” that they will get justice.

If our country’s Lawmakers themselves have no faith in our Judicial System and the Law, how can a common man would expect to get justice?